Joy Alukkas

November 8, 2023

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‘Spreading Joy’ not only captures a phenomenal entrepreneurial story but also provides rare insights into an industry that has predominantly been fragmented

Joy Alukkas, the entrepreneur behind the global Joyalukkas Group, is set to unveil his much-awaited autobiography. Titled Spreading Joy – How Joyalukkas Became the World’s Favorite Jeweller, the book is set for unveiling on November 5 at 5pm during the Sharjah International Book Fair.

Indian actor Kajol Devgan, the global brand ambassador of Joyalukkas, will be the guest of honour at the event.

Joy Alukkas’ autobiography offers valuable insights into leadership, brand-building, and the single-minded pursuit of a goal through consistency, grit, and determination. Published by HarperCollins, translations in Malayalam and Arabic are also underway. The book has already been generating buzz in the literary and business circles and is available online through Amazon and other e-commerce portals.

Spreading Joy not only captures a phenomenal entrepreneurial story but also provides rare insights into an industry that has predominantly been fragmented and disorganised. Aspiring entrepreneurs, irrespective of the industry they operate in, will find this book of immense value as they build their dream organisations.

Joy Alukkas said: “The success story of our brand, Joyalukkas, the world’s largest single-owned jewellery retail chain, did not happen overnight. The legacy, initiated by my father, Alukka Joseph Varghese, in 1956, is commemorating 35 years of leaving a strong impression in the UAE this year. Throughout the years, we have continued to receive love, trust, recognition, and applause from our customers and business associates worldwide. As 2023 comes to a close, I am excited to share, for the very first time, the journey of my trials and tribulations and how, with unwavering consistency and perseverance, we have achieved success and growth.

“My autobiography, Spreading Joy, is dedicated to my father. I hope that my story uplifts each one of you reading it and encourages you to develop a never-give-up attitude. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to HarperCollins for publishing and distributing the book worldwide.”

Dr Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, said Joy Alukkas is the “perfect embodiment” of the tireless entrepreneurial spirit that has shaped the country.

“His vision and leadership have built Joyalukkas into a brand that is loved and respected across the world and contributed to the long-standing commercial and cultural ties between the UAE and India. I am certain that his story, through his autobiography, will be applauded globally.”

Originally from Thrissur in Kerala, Joy Alukkas is credited with modernising the Indian jewellery retail business globally. Branching out on his own from a family-run business, he disrupted the traditional model of standalone jewellery stores and created a business empire that is spread across 11 countries around the world.


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